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It’s hard to believe that 7 years ago Buddy and I started Peak Roofing Contractors!  Looking back on November 7, 2006 we must have been crazy to think that, during an economic downturn and in a highly competitive market, we could take our combined experience in the construction industry and create our own success story.  Fortunately, it was the smartest business decision either of us ever made!  We’ve both learned plenty about growing a Home Improvement company.  So much that we’ve started another along the way!  (Check out Handyman Cans if you ever need to rent a high quality construction dumpster.)

Thank you to all of our customers; especially the ones who have come back to use Peak Roofing Contractors for additional projects and the customers who have given us such positive references to their friends, family & neighbors.  Your support is the main ingredient to our successful growth and will help us to grow for seven more years and beyond!

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