A new roof is an investment in your home. You want to make sure you choose the right material, style and roofing company. If you’ve never had to purchase a new roof before, you likely have many roof replacement questions. We can assure you that we’ve heard them all, but here are some of the most common ones.

Do I Really Need a Roof Replacement?

You may think that just because your roof isn’t leaking and your shingles are still all on your roof that you can wait for a roof replacement. However, you should replace your roof before you end up with a roof leak that leads to damage inside your home. When you wait, you put yourself at risk for needing much more than just a new roof.

How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take & What is the Process?

Of all the roof replacement questions, this is one we hear the most, especially from homeowners who have never been through the process. In most cases, your roof replacement takes one or two days. During that time, assuming you choose a roofing tear off, this is what happens:

  • Landscaping is covered
  • Old roof is removed
  • Your roofer inspects the roof deck and makes any necessary repairs
  • They install new underlayment, shingles & flashing
  • The team seals the flashing

Then the team cleans up and provides you with any information you need.

What Should We Do Before You Arrive

We love this question! Not too many homeowners ask it but we do share the information when we set an installation date. First, please note that the shingles and other materials are delivered prior to the installation date. It’s best if you have a place for us to put them that won’t interfere with your coming and going. Second, on the day of your installation, we ask that you park your cars on the street or in the garage if you don’t need them. Although not mandatory, you may want a plan for your pet. We will be in and out of the yard and will not always close the fence, plus the noise is unsettling to many animals. Finally, move any potted plants, toys or yard décor that you can move on to a covered porch or into your garage.

Call Peak Roofing Contractors for Your Roof Replacement

If you need a roof replacement anywhere in northern Virginia, call Peak Roofing Contractors. We’re GAF Master Elite roofers which assures you that your new roof is properly installed. Of course, if you have any roof replacement questions, just ask our team before, during or after your roof replacement. Call us today at (703) 468-4769 or fill out our contact form.