Many customers wonder why they should care whether or not their roofing contractor is properly insured and bonded. The answer is simple: it keeps you protected financially.

Bonded service providers do background checks on their employees. In addition to guarding against employees with criminal histories, drug problems, etc., working on your home, bonding also will provide you protection against theft or incomplete work. If a contractor leaves a job unfinished, or if your property is stolen by a worker, you can make a claim on the bond and receive compensation to cover the loss.

Liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance protect you financially in the event of property damage or injury to a worker on your property. Instead of you and your insurance carrier being held liable, the contractor’s insurance would cover the claim.

When selecting a contractor to perform services for your home or business, always ask to see proof of bonding and insurance coverage. It could save you thousands.

We Can Show Proof of Current Bonding & Insurance

Peak Roofing Contractors is happy to demonstrate documentation of our current bonding and insurance coverage to prospective clients. You can depend on our experienced, reputable team to care for your home like you do. For more information on roofing services in Northern Virginia, give us a call today at (703) 745-5153!