There are many ways to increase your home’s curb appeal, and one of the simplest and most investment-worthy ways is through vinyl siding installation. Siding contractors in Manassas VA recommend the durable vinyl material, which has become extremely popular among homeowners across the United States. In fact, 33% of new homes that were built in 2012 had vinyl siding installed. And it should be no mystery since vinyl can provide both beauty and durability!

Benefit 1: Show your creative side.

Choosing to add or replace your siding with vinyl can give you unlimited options and combinations. Since its first appearance in the 1950s, vinyl siding has been made available in many hues, profiles, and textures that cater to the various preferences of homeowners. Now vinyl siding has been fashioned to mimic the look of different materials like wood, slate, and stone.

Benefit 2: You won’t need to do much maintenance.

Vinyl siding, as previously mentioned, can now look like wood siding without the risk of rotting, splitting, or being infected by insects. There are also vinyl siding options that are made much thicker to provide superior protection against the forces of nature, including winds up to 160 mph. Furthermore, vinyl siding is recognized to be highly durable so you can save on your regular maintenance upkeep.

Benefit 3: Potential buyers can take an immediate interest.

Great siding can give a good impression. In terms of reselling your property, potential buyers take interest in homes that immediately catch their attention. Moreover, since vinyl siding is known for its durability and beauty, your home’s perceived value won’t go down for a long time.

The next time you’re planning to enhance your home’s curb appeal, it is best to entrust the job to specialists for siding, windows, doors, roofing, and gutters in Manassas VA. Go for the reliable “Angie’s List Super Service” of Peak Roofing Contractors. Call us now for a free estimate and let’s get started.

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