For most people, indoor home renovations are an exciting project. You may be eager to get new cabinets installed, your walls repainted, your kitchen countertops refinished or your bathroom updated. But before you focus on interior remodeling, it is imperative that you first pay attention to the exterior of your home. Issues such as a leaky roof can cause significant damage to a beautiful new interior!  Here is a simple checklist to follow to ensure your exterior is ready to protect your family and your investment.

  • Conduct a visual inspection. From the ground, inspect your roof for obvious cracks, rust, or missing or damaged shingles. Look for algae and moss growth. Look for holes, cracks or tears on siding that could result in water infiltration.
  • Schedule a professional inspection. Better yet, schedule an inspection with a team of professional roofing and siding contractors in Manassas, VA. An untrained eye may miss trouble spots that are otherwise obvious to a professional. Also, pros can navigate a ladder and roof deck safely – something that is dangerous for most homeowners who do not have experience, training and safety gear.
  • If necessary, repair or replace your roof or siding. After an inspection, your roofing or gutters in Manassas, VA, may require repair or replacement. Your contractor can make the appropriate recommendations for your needs and budget. While this may mean additional expenses now, following professional advice can spare you the cost of more extensive repairs in the future.

Remember, caring for your home’s exterior should be the precursor to any major indoor home renovation. For a free estimate for any roofing, siding and home improvement needs, call Peak Roofing Contractors, a family-owned and -operated Northern Virginia company, at (703) 745-5153. We have proudly served Prince William, Fauquier, Culpeper, Loudoun, Fairfax and Arlington counties for more than two decades!

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