Whether your remodeling involves minor gutter repairs or a complete roof replacement, being on the same page with the contractor can help save time and effort, and even unexpected expenses. So before you start on your remodeling project, ask your roofing, window, or siding contractors these questions.

 Remodeling projects

  1. What is the schedule? The remodeling schedule does not just involve start and end dates. Depending on the scope of the remodeling project, a few days ahead of the installation date may be required for delivering materials and preparing your home for installation. You should also know the complete schedule so you’d know what the daily goals are, and whether the installation team has completed it.

  2. Who will be working on the project? You’re essentially leaving your home in the hands of the installation team, so it’s important to know who will be responsible for the project while you’re away. Our team leaders make it a point to introduce every member of the installation team to our clients so they’d have the peace of mind their home is in good hands.

  3. How will we communicate with each other? In every remodeling project—even it only involves realigning your gutters—there’s a chance that the team leader will need an urgent response from you. Exchange contact information with the team leader before the project starts and to include the times when you can be reached, especially after hours.

  4. What is your change order procedure? Change procedures are outlined in the contract, but make sure you and the team leader are on the same page, as this could save a lot of time especially when you’re on a tight schedule.

  5. What kind of documentation will I receive once the project is finished? As with the change order procedure, a complete list of documentation is listed on the contract. Make sure you run this list with your contractor prior to starting the project; some of the paperwork, such as insurance and building permits, have to be completed before then. Some of these are essential for future use, so make sure you’ll receive all of it later on.

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