If you are getting a new roof, you probably already know that it’s going to be loud. You may even have planned a day out of the house for yourself and your kids. However, if you haven’t given much thought to your pets, you probably should. If they react poorly to fireworks or thunder, they are not going to do well for a whole day or two of people on the roof making a lot of noise.

Recommendations Regarding Your Roof Replacement

Although the majority of roof replacements take about a day, you don’t want to put your pet through stress for even a few hours. If your pet reacts poorly to loud noise, consider taking them to a doggie day care or a friend’s house for the day. This is especially good advice if you plan on leaving the home for the duration of the work. If you are going to be home and your pet isn’t especially sensitive, you may be able to mask the sound with music or constant reassurance. Of course, you can also speak with your vet about prescribing a sedative.

A Roof Repair May Not Require a Whole Day

Depending on the extent of your roof repair and what will be done, you may not need to arrange for your pet to be gone the whole day. Some roof repairs take just a bit of time and if they are in one area of the home and you can put your pet in a room far from the repair with some white noise, they may not even notice what’s going on.

The Backyard is Not the Solution

Some families think that they’ll just leave their dog in the backyard. However, this is not a good solution. In fact, it’s dangerous for them and the roofers. Between ladders, traffic in and out of your yard, shingle removal and the installation, there’s a lot going on. Many dogs don’t like strangers in their yard. And, truth be told, it can be stressful for the installers when there are pets in the yard chasing them or barking at them.

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