Jack Frost and your roof…A match made in heaven? Sadly no. There are many challenges cold weather can bring to a roof to count, but with proper maintenance, even Old Man Winter will have a tough time making a dent in yours. That said, there are still some things to look out for this time of year. Here are three common winter roofing problems that require the help of a professional roofer.

Attic Condensation
When a cold surface interacts with warm air, condensation can occur. That’s especially true for your attic space, which, if improperly ventilated and insulated, may be letting too much cold air in from your roof. Not only does this issue cause your HVAC system to work overtime, while you waste heat, it can actually cause moisture to build up inside your home. Condensation may eventually lead to mold and even small leaks that may cause everything from wood buckling to drywall problems.

Icicles and Ice Dams
Although these issues tend to be more prevalent in more northern parts of the country, our weather patterns can be fickle, and may cause them to happen two or three times a year. Ice dams and icicles occur when ice freezes, then melts, then freezes again in rapid succession. They can be hazardous to people walking below your roof, but they’re also extremely hard on your gutter system. In fact, heavy enough ice buildup can cause your gutters to bend or even break! The culprit? Gutters that haven’t been cleaned properly and then clog the first time winter’s heavy freezing rains hit.

Strong Winds
Winter storms – and summer storms for that matter – can bring with them heavy winds. In Northern Virginia, homes that have a lot of tree canopy can see serious damage to their roofs from wind. Shingles can be blown loose, flashing pulled apart, and aging gutters actually ripped from the house itself. Wind also puts your roof in danger of being punctured by a falling tree branch; it happens here more than you’d think, especially during ice storms! A large puncture by a tree or branch can cause catastrophic roof damage that has to be dealt with immediately.

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