Good health might be difficult to maintain in this day and age. Disease, pollution, unhealthy diets and the basic stress of everyday living can take a hefty toll on the mind and the body. With healthcare being so expensive nowadays, health in the literal sense is wealth.

In Virginia, like in most of the US, summer has already arrived, causing temperatures nationwide to soar. Heat plus our everyday routine do not go well; higher temperatures might make parts of our daily activities seem more difficult. It can also have adverse effects on our health. Together with the daily expenses, utility bills, mortgages etc., getting sick should not be an option. According to an article from the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, citing a study from Harvard University, maintaining a cool indoors prevents heat-related illnesses:

“The University conducted a series of studies on the benefits of thermal insulation and found significant public health benefits from increasing insulation in new and existing homes. The study examined the potential health benefits that could be expected from increasing residential insulation from current practice to the 2000 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) levels.

The studies showed that upgrading insulation levels would result in significant reductions in energy usage and emissions, which, in turn, result in fewer deaths, and reduced instances of respiratory and cardiovascular ailments typically associated with air pollution.”

Fundamentally, taking care of your health begins at home. Proper insulation levels are maintained by the roof, windows, doors and siding. Siding contractors in Manassas VA like Peak Roofing Contractors Inc. offer a wide variety of materials that help maintain a comfortable living environment. We offer:

  • Vinyl
  • Insulated Vinyl
  • Fiber Cement
  • Shingle and Shake
  • Solid Boards
  • Exterior Plywood

Prevention will always be better than cure. With health care costs continuing to soar, investing in your home’s insulation is an excellent way to prevent heat-related illnesses. If it’s a handyman in Manassas VA that you need, look no further. We at Peak Roofing Contractors Inc. have the expertise and the right materials for the job.

(Article Excerpt from Proper Levels of Insulation Contribute to Public Health,

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