At least twice a year there is a home show in our area. Many different home improvement companies set up a booth and market their services. Some homeowners avoid these shows because they don’t want to be attacked as they walk through the isles but rather do their research online. Not all companies jump out at everyone and you’re always welcome to say, “no thank you”. There are many great reasons you should attend a home show.

Generate Ideas

Walking through a home show will give you the opportunity to see many different designs, products, and companies. Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior renovations, you’ll see many different displays and pictures showcasing a company’s expertise. Exhibitors often bring samples of their products so you can see a few options of different manufacturer’s lines. Being able to see many products all at once saves you time.

Meet Companies

Because home shows have hundreds of exhibitors, it’s likely that there will be more than one company who can help you with your home improvement needs. You may find that a company with roofing in their name also installs new siding and replacement windows. Owners and management are often the ones working at the home show. Because of this you can ask questions about how they work, what they offer, and when they’re available for an estimate. You can eliminate companies who don’t cover your neighborhood or offer the brand or style you are looking for.

Learn Tips & Tricks

Almost every home show has a stage where professionals come in and share their tips and tricks in different categories. Some are for those who want to learn some DIY tricks while others are informative seminar like sessions to learn things about hiring a contractor, planning a project, or financing. Sometimes just walking from booth to booth listening to the contractors and other homeowners may give you some insights to how their projects were inspired.

Of course, going to a home show doesn’t replace having a contractor visit your home and provide you with an estimate for your job. If you need roofing, siding, or new windows, your contractor needs to not only measure your home but also inspect for other necessary repairs. If you are looking for replacement windows, new siding, or roof repair or replacement, call Peak Roofing Contractors at 703-753-4585 today.  And we’d love to see you at this year’s Capital Home Show at the Dulles Expo Center September 22-24. Stop in and visit Booth #1150!

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