We recently had some roofing repairs completed by your team. I can not sing enough praises about your operation–all the way from start to finish! I remember the day I called Peak to learn about pricing and scheduling; Dawn was and is as helpful as they come. Buddy came out that same day to inspect our roof leak. Not only did he confirm what I thought was the problem, he also noticed something else that was in need of a minor repair (which actually had been pointed out by our home inspector a few months prior). 

“Fix it” day arrived and Buddy and his team arrived ready to take care of business. I commend them for their effort particularly because they had run into a problem on an earlier job that day that detained them for several more hours than what they had anticipated. Although they were supposed to arrive at our home around 2 pm, they did not show up until 6:30 pm. I am super impressed that they did not call me to reschedule. Instead, they worked through what was most likely dinner time for them and their families rather that asking me to set aside another day on my end. Amazing! 

This company displays A-1 professionalism and commitment to their services and product, and we will use them for future roofing needs and recommend them to our neighbors and friends.  Thank you.

Tara Judge, Leesburg
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