We are all giddy for summer but those thunderstorms can really ruin our fun under the sun. Just recently, some areas bore the brunt of Tropical Storm Arthur. Fortunately, Northern Virginia was spared but not without its share of heavy downpour. As a matter of fact, flash floods warnings were raised in much of the DC area. As reported by wjla.com:

A Flash Flood Watch is in effect through Midnight tonight for the majority of the D.C. area. Showers and storms along a frontal boundary are moving extremely slow, allowing for a prolonged period of heavy rainfall. Baltimore experienced its own storm earlier today which dropped a radar estimated 2.5 inches of rain. Additional storms may do the same for parts of the D.C. area through tonight.

True enough, when it rains it pours, and once the torrent comes rushing, how can you be sure that your roof is holding up? When it showers really hard, the weak and faulty parts of your roofing can give way and can result in leaks. Water can seep through your walls and invade your interiors. Moreover, after a storm, you might notice a draft coming in from the attic. Blame it on the holes on your roof.

Some homeowners would resort to occasional repair works, but remember that a roof is a system. If one part can’t deliver, then the whole system is likely to fail. Those repair jobs might make the roof last for a period of time, but they may affect the overall performance of your roof in the long run.

Maybe, what you need is a brand new, durable roof that can tolerate the impact of heavy rains. You can ask roofing contractors in Northern Virginia to guide you on roofing options – types, style, material, and costs.

Peak Roofing and its professional team of roofing contractors in Manassas recommend metal roofing because it is proven to be a resilient alternative to the traditional wood shake. This type offers superb strength and durability to endure extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail, and high winds –making it ideal for areas like Northern Virginia. Style-wise, you can go for metal shingles that mimic the look of smooth slate tiles.

(Article Excerpt from Flash Flood Watch for the D.C. area until Midnight, wjla.com, July 10, 2014)

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