Summer is more than just about fun in the sun and relaxing on the beach. Its arrival also marks the beginning of the hurricane season. According to

“June 1st also marks the start of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season.  Hurricane season, in the Atlantic, goes through November 30th.  NOAA released the Atlantic hurricane outlook two weeks ago predicting an average, to slightly below average, hurricane season.

Regardless of how many named storms and hurricanes develop, you should be prepared with a hurricane emergency supply kit.  Now is the time to get that together, so you’re not scrambling (with everyone else) at the last minute for those essential items.”

While we’re preparing for our plans for the summer, it’s equally important to take some measures to ensure that your home and your family are prepared.

Hurricanes are some of the most destructive forces that strike the US, commonly beginning in June and ending in November. Aside from preparing an emergency kit, now might be an excellent time to ask yourself, “How much can my house endure?”

Your roof can be vulnerable because it is the most exposed component of the house. As such, it might have some damage already that you are not aware of. Therefore, regular inspection is the key to preventing further damage to your property. Fortunately, there are experienced roofing companies in Northern Virginia that can prepare your home for severe weather.

For your roofing in Manassas, trust a contractor that prioritizes your family’s safety. Peak Roofing Contractors Inc. is aware of the potential dangers that an unrepaired roof may pose and we have an expert repair team to tackle any issues through high quality work and materials. Leave nothing to chance and start roof inspections and repairs immediately; we will be with you every step of the way.

(Article Excerpt from June 1st Marks the Start Meteorological Summer & Hurricane Season,, June 1, 2014 )


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