Sometimes it’s easy to know when you need to replace something in your home – like your HVAC air filters which recommend every three months on the package. However, your siding doesn’t come with a recommended time for replacement. But, if you know what to look for, your siding may be giving you a sign that it’s time to call siding installers for a quote for new siding.

Siding That’s Not Laying Flat

This most often happens with wood siding. Over time the wood warps, even with regular painting or staining. When the siding isn’t flat against your home, it can’t keep the water out. It also allows for pests to get behind it which can lead to a whole host of other issues. However, it can also happen to other siding materials like vinyl and aluminum. With vinyl and aluminum, it generally happens as the siding ages and breaks. When it’s not properly affixed, it doesn’t always lay flat.

Increased Energy Usage

Did you see a sharp increase in your utility bills over last year? That could be your siding telling you that it’s not doing its job. There are several reasons, first, when it’s not properly affixed, it can’t provide any insulation. Second, when water gets behind your siding it destroys the insulation in your walls. Once insulation becomes wet, it can no longer do its job. One benefit of new siding is that you can request an insulative house wrap that will increase the R-value of the siding and increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Unexplained Knocking on Your Walls

This isn’t a poltergeist, it’s a combination of wind and your siding. If your siding isn’t properly affixed due to storm damage, call your siding installers, they should either repair it or talk to the manufacturer about the issues they find. If you have storm damage or yours is more than a decade old, you need to talk to your siding installers about new siding for your home.

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