Although the hurricane that went through our area wasn’t a direct hit, there were still significant wind gusts. Plus, thunderstorms often have winds strong enough that your roof can sustain wind damage. You may not think that strong winds can lead to a roof leak, but it does happen quite often. Here are some signs that your roof may have sustained wind damage.

Lifted Shingles

This is probably the most evident sign that your home has sustained wind damage. It happens most often after a hurricane or tropical storm comes through an area because the wind comes from one direction can get under the shingles and push them up. Because a tropical storm’s winds last longer than a thunderstorm, the shingles can be lifted by the sustained winds causing permanent damage. Lifted shingles are also common after a storm with straight line winds. Even though the wind doesn’t last as long, the force can do the same type of damage.

Misaligned Shingles

Although there are a few reasons for misaligned shingles, the most common reason they’re discovered is after a storm with strong winds. Shingles on a new roof shouldn’t come loose unless the wind speeds are greater than the shingles were rated for. However, on an older roof or poorly installed one, wind can shift your shingles making them appear misaligned. Misaligned shingles can’t protect your roof properly and should be repaired immediately.

Curled Edges

Like misaligned shingles, wind damage isn’t the only thing that causes curled edges on your shingles. Sometimes it’s simply aging. However, if you have a newer roof and curled shingles, chances are good that it’s from wind damage. Similar to lifted shingles, sustained winds can lift just the edge of the shingle and over time this leads to the curling at the end of the shingles.

Should Wind Damage Be Covered by My Insurance?

The good news is that wind damage should be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. If your adjustor is trying to deny your claim and you believe it should be covered, you should call your roofing company for their opinion. They’ll provide their expert opinion at which point you can request a review from your insurance company.

Peak Roofing accepts all insurance claims and if you’re having trouble getting your adjustor to cover the wind damage, we’ll meet with you and them and explain why we see your damage as a claim. Call us today at (703) 753-4585 or fill out our contact form for your appointment.

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