Almost every homeowner knows to call their local roof repair company when they have water coming into their home. However, not every homeowner realizes that their roof often gives them clue that there is roof damage long before there’s a visible sign of water in the home. If you know these signs and pay attention, you should be able to avoid costly roof repair. Here are the top five missed signs it’s time to call your local roof repair company.

1.      Your Roof Looks Wavy

Although sometimes the wavy look is simply an optical illusion of the heat being reflected back off your shingles, sometimes it’s an early sign of roof damage. If you’re not sure if it’s your eyes playing tricks or an early warning sign, try looking at your roof when the sun isn’t shining directly one it. If your shingles were installed directly onto your roof deck (rather than on an old layer of shingles), they should be flat against the roof. If they’re not, you either have water damage or a poor installation which will eventually lead to damage.

2.      Shingles that Aren’t Straight

Your shingles come in strips. They should look straight across your roof. If you notice some shingles look larger than others or that the lines aren’t straight, you have a problem. Sometimes wind blows shingles loose and they begin sliding down the roof’s surface. Other times poor installation means the roofing company didn’t use enough nails per strip or their nail gun was set too high for the shingles and the nails blew through leaving the shingles improperly attached. No matter the reason, call your local roof repair company ASAP.

3.      Excess Granules in Your Downspouts

A few granules are normal and more as your roof ages, however, if you’re noticing one downspout with significantly more granules than another, you may have an issue. Look for tree branches rubbing on the roof or signs that an animal has made its home nearby. The granules are a layer of protection for the singles and once the granules are gone, the shingle will begin to deteriorate.

4.      Peeling and Bubbling Paint

This can happen inside or outside your home. When it’s outside, chances are good you need to re-paint, but it can be a sign of water trapped behind your siding from a roof leak. Inside your home, it’s almost always water damage. Your local roof repair company can determine the source of the leak and repair it properly. Be careful if you have bubbling paint, you may find there is water behind it so be prepared before you pop it.

5.      Increasing Energy Bill

Of course, when we have an unusually hot or cold spell, our utility bills go up. However, if you find your usage is increasing and your HVAC system is in good shape, you might have a roof leak. Water damages insulation and makes it ineffective. Head into your attic and look for insulation that seems compressed compared to other areas. Call your roofer and schedule a repair and then plan on replacing your insulation.

If you don’t have a local roof repair company you trust, call Peak Roofing Contractors at (703) 753-4585. We’re local and serve the greater northern Virginia area from Culpeper to Loudoun Counties and those in between. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive estimate of the damage and get your problem solved.

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