Have you looked at your roof recently? Most people fail to truly look at the condition of their roof regularly or even after a storm. If you are doing it, you probably know most of these signs. However, if you aren’t, you should be and here are some things that may indicate that you need the help of a roof repair company. Admittedly, some are easy to spot, but not all are.

Clear Signs

Most people who do pay attention to their roof now to call a roof repair company if they see any of the following:

  • Bent or broken shingles
  • Missing granules
  • Misaligned shingles
  • Areas with no shingles
  • Dented shingles
  • Staining, streaking or discoloration

However, the roof isn’t the only place where you may find signs that tell you to schedule a repair appointment with your local roofer.

Other Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

When you’re in your attic do you ever look at the insulation or the roof deck? Both may have signs that indicate you have a roof leak. For example, compressed or wet insulation often means that you have water damage from a roof leak. Dark streaks on the roof deck can also mean a leak and that you should call a roof repair company.

Because water follows the path of least resistance, it can show itself just about anywhere and actually mean you have a roof leak. A few we’ve seen include water or water damage:

  • In a fireplace
  • Under carpets/flooring
  • Under baseboards
  • Around windows
  • On ceilings
  • Behind wallpaper

Of course, simply the age of your roof could mean that you need roof repair. The older it gets, the more likely that it will begin to fail. Regular roofing inspections and maintenance can help extend the life of your roof and reduce repair expenses.

Peak Roofing Contractors is More Than a Roof Repair Company

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