There comes a point when you look at your home’s roof and have to make the decision as to whether it’s time to replace your roof or if you can repair it again. A roof replacement is an investment, however, putting money into another roof repair isn’t always the wisest choice. How do you know when it’s time for a roof replacement and when it’s ok to repair your roof again? Here are some factors to consider.


If your roof is more than 15 years old, it’s probably time for a new roof. Most 15-year-old roofs are three-tab shingles. Although many came with 20-year warranties, they rarely last that long. That warranty was against manufacturer defect, not a promise the roof would last that long. Normal exposure can age a roof, but with the freeze thaw cycle and wind events we’ve had over the past decade, your roof is likely ready for a replacement.

Frequency of Repair

Are you calling your roofing company so often that they know who you are? Most roofs in reasonable condition shouldn’t need regular roof repair. You may need regular maintenance, like sealing flashing and replacing the occasional shingle, but if large sections require replacing or shingles blow off in every storm, you need a roof replacement.

Size of Repair

If more than 25% of your roof requires repair, you should consider a roof replacement. The larger the area requiring repair, the greater the likelihood that there are other parts of your roof near failure. Don’t waste your money, get a roof replacement quote instead.

Your Trusted Roofer Recommends It

The key is that the advice comes from a roofer you or someone you know personally used and trusts. There are many unethical roofers who will recommend a roof replacement because they want as much money as possible. There are also inexperienced roofers who can’t find the roof leak or figure out the issue so they recommend starting over. However, if it’s a company with a long history and a great reputation in the area and they recommend a roof replacement and can explain why, it is likely time for a new roof.

Trust Peak Roofing Contractors

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