The fascia and the soffit are two integral parts of your Virginia roofing system. It pays to understand the critical roles they play in protecting your home so you’ll be able to detect and prevent any problems that may occur.

Knowing Your Roof’s Fascia and Soffit

Do you know where these two parts are located? The fascia is the vertical finishing edge that is connected to the ends of your trusses, rafters, or area that is attached to the roof. It acts as the layer between the outdoors and the edge of your roof.

From the Latin term for “to fix underneath” and the French word for “formed as a ceiling,” the soffit refers to the visible part below the hanging section of the roof eave.

The Importance of Your Fascia and Soffit

These architectural elements found along the eaves of your roof do more than just give a finished look and stir visual interest. Here are their other vital functions:

  • They help keep pests and other small animals away from the exterior of your home.
  • The soffit’s small holes help provide air circulation.
  • They conceal ventilation for your attic.
  • They keep moisture away from your house.
  • They give your home’s exterior a smoother appearance.

Despite having numerous functions, some roofs don’t perform at their best because of weather-related issues or old age. To keep your roof up and running properly, you need to keep your fascia, soffit, and other parts in good condition. Use quality materials from top brands like CertainTeed and GAF, which we offer here at Peak Roofing Contractors.

Bonus Tips:

Given the tough roles that the fascia and the soffit play in your Northern Virginia roofing, you need to make sure they are properly maintained. Consider the following tips:

  • Regularly check your roof. Make sure there are no animal nests.
  • If you discover mold or mildew on your soffit, use a broom or a soft brush with cleaning solution to clean it up.
  • To repair or replace your fascia and soffit, contact the experts to make certain it’s done properly. This will also avoid any fall-related accidents.

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