Roof safety is essential to any kind of roofing project. When looking for professionals to work on your home, choose roofing contractors in Northern Virginia who follow the rules set by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

Fall protection is OSHA’s top priority, but not all contractors are aware of this. In 2013, out of 796 deaths in construction, 294 of them were fall fatalities. To make sure roofers stick to the guidelines, OSHA visits various jobsites across the country.

Here’s some information worth knowing about the agency’s fall prevention program.


In the past, OSHA was more visible in commercial jobsites. This is why compliance among many residential roofers and remodeling contractors wasn’t always constant. Since 2013, however, the agency has started focusing on residential contractors.

When Certified Safety Health Officials (CHSOs) visit jobsites, they’ll speak with the head of the crew. They’ll discuss any on-site issues that put the crew and other people at risk of imminent danger. They may provide suggestions and request the crew to stop working until safety equipment are in place.


When working with roofers, ask the team about the roofing safety plan they will follow when they start working on your home. This includes choosing which equipment to use.

Depending on the height of your home and type of job that needs to be done, your roofing contractors in Manassas VA may use ladders and personal fall-arrest systems.


When interviewing possible contractors for a project, you should ask them about any roof safety trainings they have attended. This will give you peace of mind and make you confident that your roofers know how to carry out their tasks properly and safely.

Roofing safety should be one of your priorities when looking for contractors. Take time to interview roofers and learn about their background and training.

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