It’s been quite the winter already and it is only February. We’ve had several days with snow and melting and freezing again and then more snow. Winters like this one commonly cause roof damage from ice and snow even to a roof in good repair. Here are some signs that something isn’t quite right with your roof after any snow or ice storm.

Ice Dams

We’ve talked about ice dams previously. Because we don’t tend to get a lot of snow often, homeowners don’t always know what they are or why they’re bad. Basically, an ice dam happens when your gutter fills with snow that melts and refreezes and has no where to go. Icicles are a sign you have an ice dam. There are a few reasons they happen. The most common is clogged gutters. This is just one reason to keep your gutters clean either by cleaning them a few times a year or installing gutter guards to keep debris out.

A second common reason is poor insulation and ventilation in your attic. If the temperature in your attic is not the same as the outdoor temperature because of the heat rising from your home, the snow melts even when the temperature is below freezing. Then it fills your gutters which don’t get the heat from your home and it refreezes, and, with nowhere to go you get ice dams.

Lifted, Curled or Bent Shingles

Often during a freeze-thaw cycle, water can get underneath. Water expands when frozen and that leads to your shingles lifting just a little. When the temperatures rise again, more water collects in the larger gap and freezes, again expanding the area. Over time you end up with shingles that appear lifted, curled or even bent. This type of roof damage from ice and snow happens most often to older three-tab shingles because they are not as thick as architectural shingles or new shingles.

Roof Leaks

There are many reasons a roof leak can happen but roof damage from ice and snow are a big reason in the winter. The same freeze-thaw cycle that lifts, bends and curls shingles is to blame but often just a little water gets behind some poorly sealed flashing or into a small existing hole in your roof and the water freezes making the hole bigger, it thaws and more water runs into your home. Repeat this over days or weeks and when the spring rains come, you have a big issue to deal with.

Peak Roofing Contractors Can Help

Call us today, even if there is still ice or snow on your roof if you suspect you have roof damage. As soon as its safe for us to inspect your roof, we’ll find the cause of the roof leak or determine if you have roof damage from ice and snow. We will also inspect your roof and attic to ensure you have proper ventilation. Call us today to schedule your appointment — (703) 753-4585 or fill out our contact form.

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