One of the biggest myths that less than honest window companies like to share is that your new windows will pay for themselves. Unfortunately, that’s always the case. However, if you factor in replacement window ROI as well as these other cost savings, you will find that new windows offer financial benefits.

Average Replacement Window ROI

The average return on investment for new windows nationwide is only about 67% according to the 2022 Cost VS. Value Report. In the greater DC area, vinyl replacement window ROI is 66% and wood is slightly less at just about 64%. This only factors in the amount of money you would get back from selling your home with your new windows compared to a similar home with older windows. Few homeowners replace windows immediately before they list their homes. That’s why we recommend that instead of just looking at the replacement window ROI, you consider some other ways your windows will help pay for themselves.


Assuming you have single pane windows, replacing them with double pane ENERGY STAR® windows will save you about $400 a year on heating and cooling costs. You’ll also find that your home is more comfortable, which may not have a monetary value attached, however, is something to think about especially if you have rooms with several windows that never stay comfortable enough to enjoy. If you have learned that you replace your window treatments and furniture every so often because of fading, your new windows with Low-E glass will reduce those expenses. This can increase your replacement window ROI as you won’t have fading with your new windows.

Maintenance & Repair

Although all windows, no matter the age or material, require some maintenance, depending on your current windows and what you’re getting for new windows, you will save something on their maintenance. For example, all new windows require new caulk every few years and regular cleaning. That’s much easier and less expensive than old wood windows which need repair and repainting often. All windows need cleaning and if you choose double hung windows, you can clean them yourself from the safety and comfort of your home.

Peak Windows Can Help

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