Seasonal changes put added stress on your roof. If it isn’t durable enough, it may not be able to withstand shifting weather conditions, causing you a lot of headaches and costly repairs or replacements.

To avoid problems, it’s important to understand how the elements affect your roof and what you can do to keep it in its best condition. Here are some tips you can follow in Virginia on roofing maintenance:


Constant exposure to the sun’s damaging infrared rays and ultraviolet radiation may lead to premature deterioration of the roof. It may cause splitting, chalking, embrittlement, and shrinkage.

Regular roof inspection can help you avoid major problems as you’ll be able to see the first signs of problems immediately. Have a professional check your roof during spring and fall.


Rain can cause a lot of problems to your home. Water may seep through the layers underneath the shingles and cause some parts to rot. It may also reach the attic where it may turn the area into a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

During roof inspection, check for loose shingles where water may get through. In the attic, look for areas on the roof where rays of light pass through. You should also check for water stains. All these may indicate the presence of leaks.


Winds may easily tear off loose parts on your roof. Make sure your shingles, flashing, and gutters are secured properly, especially before a storm hits your area.


The accumulation of snow and ice on the roof may lead to ice dam formation. You can avoid this problem by having proper insulation and ventilation in the attic. This way, you can prevent warm spots on the roof that may melt ice and snow, which can refreeze on the cold eaves.

Reduce the risk of weather damage through regular inspection, sufficient insulation, and enough ventilation. To learn more about the effects of shifting weather conditions on your roof, consult Peak Roofing Contractors, Northern Virginia roofing experts. Founded in 2006, our company offers a range of roofing services, including inspection, replacement, and storm damage repair.

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