All of a sudden, it’s summer. It’s hot and humid. We’re all running our air conditioning and watching our electric bills rise. If you’re wondering if there’s anything you can do to help control your cooling costs, you need to look at your roof. You may be surprised at just how much your roofing system impacts the comfort of your home.

How Your Roofing System Keeps Your Home Comfortable

As we’ve said in other blogs, your roof is made up of many elements other than the shingles you see on the outside. The parts of your roofing system that keep your home comfortable are the ventilation, insulation and shingles. They are the primary pieces that work together to protect your home from extreme temperatures. When one isn’t doing its job, your home suffers and your HVAC system works harder than it should.


Most people think of insulation as something that keeps your home warm in the winter. However, insulation also helps keep the heat out of your home and the cool air in. When you don’t have enough insulation or yours is damaged, it can’t do its job. Go in your attic and check yours to see if it is wet or appears to have been wet (matted down insulation is a sure sign of water damage) and if you have the recommended amount based on today’s standards. If you have damaged insulation, call your roofing company to find the source of the water. If you simply don’t have enough, you can install more yourself or call an insulation or roofing company for additional insulation. Your attic insulation plays a big roll in keeping the cool air in your home. With the proper amount, your AC will run less.


Although your roof should have proper ventilation, that doesn’t mean it does. A roof’s ventilation allows the roof to breath. You want the heat and humidity to be able to escape through the vents. You also need unblocked soffits to allow the external air into the attic to cool it off. Only a roofing company can determine if you have the right amount of ventilation for the size of the attic. When your roof can breathe, it doesn’t get overheated and your air conditioner runs less often.

Your Roofing Material

Although there are many options when it comes to roofing materials, the vast majority of roofs in our area are asphalt shingle roofs. If you look closely at your roof, there should be granules on the shingles. Some will have reflective properties to help reflect the sun’s rays. As your shingles ages, the granules fall off. This leads to more heat transference in the shingles themselves. Of course, the darker your roof, the more heat is absorbed which leads to an HVAC system that works harder. If you and your roofing company determine it’s time for a roof replacement, consider cool roofing or a lighter roof color.

Call Peak Roofing Contractors

If you’re concerned that calling a roofing company will cost more money than just ignoring it, remember your air conditioner has an expected life. Just like a well maintained 2015 car that’s driven 150,000 miles is closer to the end of its life as that same car with only 50,000 miles, an air conditioner that runs constantly will die sooner than one that’s in a home with a good roofing system. Peak Roofing Contractors can inspect your insulation, ventilation and entire roofing system to ensure that it’s protecting your home in all the ways it should. Call us today at (703) 753-4585 or fill out our contact form for your appointment.