After your home siding project is done, you probably expect your contractor to have done everything that has been agreed upon. But what if that’s not the case? What if you are not satisfied with your siding contractor’s work?

Peak Roofing Contractors, one of the top roofing and siding contractors in Manassas VA, answer some of the most asked questions about siding contractor disputes:

I am in dispute with my siding contractor. What should I do?

Keep a cool head. We at Peak Roofing Contractors, your friendly neighborhood handyman in Manassas VA, understand your frustrations, especially when you’ve already invested time and money for this home improvement project. However, getting yourself into a heated discussion with your contractor won’t necessarily fix the problem. What you want to do is to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently. Handling the dispute with a cooler head from the get-go will make the discussions more rational for you and the contractor and it will help settle the problem faster.

I’m trying to contact my contractor but they keep putting me on hold. I didn’t get any response from them for my emails. What should I do?

Complaining over the phone or via email is just going to make you more upset as emails are easy to be lost or ignored. Phone calls? Well, you certainly wouldn’t want to be put on hold and listen to silence or worse; horrendous music as you wait for someone to talk to you. What you can do is to go directly to the contractor’s office and explain your concern personally.

My siding contractor is giving me a hard time with my complaints. What should I do?

If the contractor is not cooperating and the discussion is leading nowhere, show them all the documentations you saved – from their written estimates, the contract itself, to the photos of the poor job they did. If that doesn’t work, calmly tell them that it leaves you no choice but to report them to your state or local licensing authority.  This should get your contractor’s attention, and doing so may save you time, money, and the hassle of an unwanted, and very often expensive lawsuit.

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