Does it bother you if the design of your home in Manassas is a bit out of fashion? Well, if you’re looking to wow the neighbors or potential buyers, maybe you need to do some sprucing up. There are a lot of home improvement projects that you can carry out to update your home’s style and lean on more modern aesthetics – all this while still accentuating the original architectural design of your house.

But before even deciding, you need to do your homework. Better yet, consult a Manassas roofing contractor, especially if you want to improve your home’s appeal without compromising its traditional look. Here’s a thing about having a rustic, country-style home design that might interest you. According to DIY Network:

Wood shingles and shakes are premium products prized for their beautiful natural color and traditional appearance. After several years, wood roofing will weather to a soft, mellow gray.

Although similar, shakes differ from shingles in how they are manufactured. Shakes feature one or both faces that are mechanically split, creating a heavily textured, rustic surface. In some cases, the back of the shake is sawn to produce a relatively smooth, even surface. Shingles are sawn on both sides. Shingles are tapered along their length; shakes may be tapered or a uniform thickness.

If you want to keep the country appeal of your home, wood shingles are an excellent choice. However, when you need a second opinion on what else to do, it is best to get the services of roofing companies in Northern Virginia. In Manassas, Peak Roofing Contractors Inc. is the preferred company because of its reputation for delivering guaranteed workmanship and installing high-quality products.

While some would claim that they can make improvements on their own, seeking out a second opinion from a professional will make sure everything is in order. A roof after all is a complex system. Each material, including wood shingles and shakes, has certain qualities that you need to be aware of if you want get the most out of your hard-earned investment. Peak Roofing Contractors Inc. is always available for your queries.

(Article Excerpt from ROOFING BUYER’S GUIDE,

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