If you’ve determined that your roof is in need of repair, then it’s important to get the work scheduled to take care of the problem. When to have the work done, though? No doubt you’ve heard that roofers are busiest at certain times of the year, or that it’s better to have work done on your home at certain times of the year. Is there a particular time that you should take advantage of to get the most out of your roof repair?

A hole in your defenses
While it is true that certain times of the year are more conducive to having work done on your roof, letting the roof stay damaged in order to wait for the “right time” is the wrong thing to do. Consider that, for as long as the problem goes unsolved, you and everyone else in your home will be exposed to both the elements and the effects of the problem. If your roof is already compromised, then you’re leaving yourself and your family exposed to the environment.

The time to get your roof fixed is now
If you already have a problem with your roof, then choosing not to do anything about the problem is a virtual guarantee that the problem will get worse. The same environmental issues that created the problem in the first place can only serve to aggravate the already-existing problem. By the time you finally get around to dealing with the issue, what started out as a small problem and what could have been an easy fix may have ballooned into a much larger problem requiring more extensive repairs and expenses.

Escalating health risks
With water intrusion into your home comes the risk of developing an infestation of rot and / or mold. Not only does this affect the quality of the air you breathe, triggering allergies and exposing you to unsafe breathing conditions, there is also the risk of physical injury. Rot and mold undermine your home’s structure; given enough time, all or part of your home could end up collapsing because of weakened supports, posing an inherent danger to people in your damaged home.

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