Most homeowners assume that it’s their windows entirely to blame for a home that won’t stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Many elements contribute to your home’s energy efficiency (or lack thereof) and siding is a big contributor.

Is There a Way to Tell Why a Home isn’t Energy Efficient?

A professional can evaluate your home’s overall energy efficiency. Some utility companies offer home checks at no charge; however, you can often figure out if there are issues yourself. Age is a big contributor. If you have old windows or siding, they likely aren’t up to today’s building codes which means they won’t have the same level of insulation as a new build. Speaking of insulation, you can check your attic insulation based on the type and how deep it is to determine if that’s part of your issue. If your windows lack low-e glass, they’re not going to meet today’s ENERGY STAR™ standards.

Not All Homes Have Insulation Beneath the Siding

Depending on the age of your home, there may not be insulation on the outside of your home. Today’s building codes require more insulation than those even 20 years ago. When you choose new siding, the siding company may recommend an insulative home wrap or siding with insulation. Either will make a difference in the comfort of your home.

Leaks in Your Siding Ruin Insulation

If your siding is cracked, has holes or even is poorly affixed to your home, it may let water in. When blanket/batt, rolled or blown-in insulation gets wet, it loses its effectiveness. That means it’s R-value decreases which leads to higher heating and cooling bills. Of course, new siding alone won’t solve the problem, you’ll need new insulation and possibly mold remediation and repair to any framing that sustained water damage.


Even if you have the proper type and amount of insulation, older siding that’s no longer well-affixed to your home, will let in drafts. That can make your home less comfortable any time of year. It also lets in noise that would otherwise be kept out.

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