We all learned at a very young age the difference between needs and wants. It’s perfectly okay to replace your siding because you want a new look for your home. Or because you want to improve its energy efficiency. But, there are times when your home needs new siding so that you don’t end up with water damage inside your home. Here are some signs that will help you know if your home really needs new siding.

Universal Signs you Need New Siding

If you notice water damage and your roofing contractor assures you it’s not a roof leak, you may have an issue with your siding. Water damage in your walls makes your insulation ineffective. It can also lead to toxic mold. Another sign is an unusual increase in utility bills even when the rates don’t go up or it’s not unseasonably hot or cold. The increase in your heating and cooling costs can be due to damaged insulation or even siding that is no longer properly affixed to the side of your home which is letting in the weather.

Some Signs are Specific to Certain Siding Materials

Of course, some siding has other signs. For example, wood siding that needs frequent repainting or is rotted, warped and cracked should be replaced. Dented aluminum siding and vinyl siding with holes or dents are also signs you need new siding. You may also notice loud banging from outside your home that indicated your vinyl or aluminum siding is not properly affixed. If your siding company can’t reaffix it, you’ll need to replace it.

You’ll See Many Benefits from New Siding

Most homeowners notice first the increase in their home’s curb appeal. Depending on the material you choose for your new siding, you may see a decrease in your homeowner’s insurance premium. Of course, when your siding contractor installs an insulative home wrap beneath the new siding, you’ll see a difference in your utility bills. Vinyl siding is exceptionally low maintenance so if you’ve been painting your wood siding every few years, you’ll never need to do that again.

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