Even if your siding looks ok, it may be time to consider new siding for your home. Just like our roofs, windows and other parts of our home, it ages. If you’re wondering at what point you should call a siding company for a free estimate and talk about replacing yours, here are some things to look at.

How Does Your Siding Look?

Wood siding warps. When it warps, it no longer lays flat against your home. That can make it easy for pests to get into your home. It is also a leading cause of water damage. If you have wood siding that you’re painting all too often, chances are good that it’s time to call a siding company for a free estimate.

If you have aluminum siding that’s dented, fading or just doesn’t look good anymore, you may not think you need new siding. However, older siding (and homes built with it) don’t have great insulation. You’ll likely find that with an insulative house wrap beneath your new siding that your home is more comfortable and your utility bills are lower. The same goes for older vinyl siding that’s cracked and faded.

Are Your Energy Bills Increasing for No Apparent Reason?

We know that utility companies have raised rates. It’s also true that it’s been warmer and many people are paying more for air conditioning. However, are you noticing that your usage is up more than you can logically explain? That may be due to wet insulation in your walls that’s the result of siding that’s leaking and allowing water into your home. It may not be enough water to actually come into your home, but enough to lead to some damage. Of course, visible water damage that your roofer says isn’t coming from a roof leak, may actually be from loose and leaking siding.

Unexplained Banging During Wind Events

We’ve heard this complaint several times. Homeowners initially think it’s something hitting their home like a tree branch or flying debris. However, what is truly the culprit often enough is loose siding. As the wind gets underneath and then released, you hear unexplained banging noises. With new siding, that won’t happen. And you may even find that your new siding makes your home quieter overall, especially if you install additional insulation or choose siding with an R-vale.

If, after reading this, you’re looking for a siding company to call for a free estimate, call Windows Unlimited. We offer quality siding products professionally installed. Reach us at (703) 468-4769 or fil out our contact form.

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