As the hurricane season continues, we’ve experienced the first named storm ‘Arthur’ during what was supposed to be a festive 4th of July celebration in the East Coast. But instead of fireworks blazing in the night sky, Virginia, North Carolina, and other East Coast states experienced heavy rain and strong gusts of wind.

The rain and wind was so severe, it uprooted several trees and damaged several houses, according to this report from

A powerful line of thunderstorms hit hard in southeastern Prince William County Wednesday evening, toppling trees into houses and knocking out power to thousands.

The storm swept through around 5:30 p.m., bringing high winds, frequent lightning and hail.

In Triangle, trees fell onto several houses in the Graham Park Shores neighborhood and another home in a nearby trailer park, witnesses said. There were no reports of injuries.

Trees also fell on power lines, blowing two transformers along Graham Park Road and knocking out power to nearly 9,000 Dominion Virginia Power customers.

If your house was among those that incurred damaged, you need to check your gutters and siding ASAP because both are vulnerable to the elements of weather.

Here are some steps you can take to conduct rudimentary checks yourself, let’s start with your siding:

  1. Inspect the siding for the affected area.
  2. Get the necessary equipment and materials.
  3. Remove and cut out any damaged part of the siding.
  4. Now you need to cut and install the new section.

By the way: If the damage is severe, don’t attempt to try and do it yourself, we recommend calling a professional.

Now for your gutters in Manassas VA:

  1. Again, start with an inspection to locate the damage.
  2. If there are holes, purchase sealants at your local hardware store.
  3. Start cleaning the affected area so the sealant will set in properly.
  4. Wait for the sealant to set in. Once dry, that should cinch it.

By the way: If the damage isn’t just limited to holes, i.e. if a portion of the gutter is missing, then you better call a professional.

As a very significant part of your home, dealing with siding damage can be a little tricky, that is why we recommend calling siding contractors in Manassas VA like Peak Roofing Contractors if the damage is severe. We’re sure you’ll do fine with an expert’s opinion, call us for more information on siding and gutter repair.

(Article Excerpt from Powerful storm uproots trees, leaves severe damage in Triangle,

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