When we think of improving the energy efficiency of our homes, we often think of replacing windows. And, it’s true, windows and doors account for as much as 30% of our home’s energy loss. However, your siding could also be to blame for your high heating and cooling costs for several reasons. You may be wondering if there is such a thing as energy efficient siding. The answer is, sort of.

Sort of Energy Efficient Siding? What’s That Mean?

There are a few siding manufacturers who now add insulation to their vinyl siding, but it’s not the industry norm. No matter what brand or even material you choose for your new siding, ask your siding company about an insulative house wrap. Older homes lack the insulation in the walls or between the walls and siding that newer homes have. That’s because building codes changed to require a higher R-value in the walls. Instead of tearing down your drywall in your home, you can wrap the exterior in insulation.

Why Might My Siding Be Leading to an Inefficient Home?

There are many reasons your siding could be costing you money and new siding can fix many of these issues. One of the biggest is water damage. When you have warped, cracked or broken siding, water gets into your home. You may not notice it but water damages insulation. Wet insulation never regains its R-value. Loose siding or siding that doesn’t lay flat against the home has the same problem. And, sometimes you can feel the wind coming into your home when your siding isn’t well affixed to the home.

Will New Siding Pay for Itself?

Not in energy savings alone. If a siding company tries to tell you that it will, you’ve chosen the wrong siding company. However, if you add up the return on investment of new siding, especially a fiber cement siding like that from James Hardie, plus the savings on your heating and cooling, you will recoup a good percentage of your investment. And perhaps the biggest benefit is that homeowners with new siding often report a more comfortable home.

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