As autumn approaches the Northeast, what projects can be done during the chillier months, and which ones should be done sooner? Although the cost of supplies doesn’t change at different times of the year, contractors have busy seasons which may impact their availability. Of course, heavy rain or snow will always impact an exterior renovation but when should you consider different projects?



If you have roof damage, contact your local roof repair company as soon as you notice there is an issue. There is never a bad time to get your roof repaired. However, if you need a roof replacement, there are a few things to consider. New roofing should never be installed in below freezing temperatures. In fact, most recommendations state that the air temperature should be above 40 degrees. This is because cold shingles become brittle. When installing shingles in cold weather the nails can blow through the brittle shingles. That means they won’t stay in place in the first wind event. Any good roofing contractor will make sure that the conditions are right, not only for installation, but also for the shingles to seal to each other.


Much like roofing, extreme cold makes vinyl siding brittle. Most siding companies won’t install when the temperature is below freezing or when it’s going to rain before the job can be completed. Any rain impacts a siding installation because in order to install new siding, your old siding must be completely removed.


Replacement windows aren’t impacted by the temperature so much as precipitation. Any time of year is a good time to install new windows. Most replacement window companies only remove one window at a time. That means your home is only exposed to the elements for about ten minutes in a typical replacement window installation. For obvious reasons your window replacement date may be delayed in the event of heavy rain.

Weather is often a concern of homeowners when they consider a home improvement project. However, with few exceptions, the weather doesn’t make a difference in a roof replacement, new siding, or replacement windows. Now is a great time for any of those projects so give us a call at 703-753-4585 for your free estimate.

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