Don’t let taking down your holiday decorations be the last time you look at your roof this winter. The cold, snow and ice can take as big a toll on your roof as the hail, wind and sun over the summer. Here are some things you should watch for over the winter in your roofing system.

Bent or Curled Shingles

When your roof is wet and the temperatures drop, ice can form under your shingles. Sometimes this leads to bent or curled shingles. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles can lead to a roof leak. If you notice bent or curled shingles or any that are out of alignment after a snow event, call for a roof repair. You want the roof ready when the next storm comes.

Ice Dams

If you’re unfamiliar with what an ice dam is, the simplest explanation is when water freezes in your gutters and continues to build up, it creates an ice dam. Sometimes the clearest sign is the formation of icicles hanging from your gutters. Generally, this indicates clogged gutters and potentially other issues. Your roof should have proper insulation and ventilation to keep the attic close to the same temperature as the air. When it doesn’t, a warm attic in the day will melt the snow and at night as the temperatures plunge, the water freezes. Ice dams often lead to the need for a roof repair, however, most roof repair companies can evaluate your ventilation an insulation and determine if it’s more than just clogged gutters.

Missing Shingles

Although we don’t have fast moving thunderstorms with strong winds in winter, we do have experience gusty wind. Once a shingle is even slightly loose (from an aging roof or damage due to ice) it can blow away. Missing shingles are a leading cause of roof leaks that require immediate repair. As long as the temperatures are above freezing and your roof is clear of ice and snow, your roof repair company should be able to make the necessary repair to protect your home and family.

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