Whether you own one rental property or many, having a trusted roofer on your team is essential. You need someone you can trust in an emergency to show up when promised and handle the job, big or small. There are many other benefits and reasons why you should have a roofing company to handle all your roofing needs.

Regular Roofing Inspections Extend Your Roof’s Life

Chances are good that your tenants don’t know much about roofing. They likely don’t pay attention or even think about the roof as long as there’s not a leak. That means you need a company to perform regular roofing inspections and take care of maintenance and repairs regularly. When they take care of little things, you won’t have big issues.

Regular Maintenance Reduce Lifetime Repair Expenses

Just like your car and other items in your home, maintenance helps them cost less over their lifetime. If you regularly rotate your tires, they last longer. When you have a roofing inspection, your roofing contractor can reseal loose flashing, reaffix a loose shingle and address any other items that need addressing. That means that loose flashing won’t lead to a roof leak that eventually requires not only a roof repair but also new insulation and possibly even new drywall and painting. A little maintenance will cost a lot less than a big repair.

A Nicer Looking Home Rents for More

Let’s face it, you’re not a landlord because it’s easy, you’re in it to make money. If you have a home with a nice-looking roof, siding, windows and entry door, you’re more likely to be able to rent it. You want the inside to look great too which means no water stains on the ceiling or walls. Roof inspections and maintenance help ensure the home looks great inside and out leading to your being able to charge more for the property.

Peak Roofing Contractors can provide you with regular roofing inspections, maintenance and as needed repair. We’re a total roofing, gutter, siding and window contractor so if you also need other assistance with your rental property, ask and we’ll let you know if we can help. Call (703) 753-4585 or fill out our contact form to discuss a roofing inspection and maintenance plan for your rental properties.

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