If you have lived in Virginia for many years, you know that extreme weather conditions are a problem. While day-to-day temperatures are generally pleasant, hurricanes, tornadoes, and cyclones do visit the state frequently. On average, we see precipitation for about 110 days annually.

What’s a homeowner to do against this challenge climate? We say, toughen up your exteriors, starting with the siding. As one of the home’s primary defenses, your siding should withstand the weather conditions in Virginia.

When deciding on a product to install for your home, it’s best to ask your siding contractors in Manassas, VA, for help. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to know what makes a certain siding product better for your area’s climate. Here are some of the factors you need to consider:

1. Strength

Siding material needs to be sturdy enough to resist damage caused by raging elements. Here alone, fiber cement makes a good choice. Built from a blend of cement, sand, and wood fiber, this material expands and contracts very little even under extreme temperatures. It requires minimal maintenance over the course of its life span, so you wouldn’t be asking for repairs all the time.

2. Moisture Resistance

As Northern Virginia gets frequent storms during summer, consider a siding option that guards well against water damage. Wood isn’t a smart call, since it absorbs moisture. Vinyl, on the other hand, maintains its composition even under extreme temperatures. Unlike wood, it isn’t prone to rotting, decaying, or warping.

3. Energy Efficiency

Summers in Virginia can be hot and humid, while a typical day in January is often cold and dry. These challenging conditions may take a toll on your heating and cooling systems as they try to keep indoor temperatures at comfortable levels. To help with energy bills, we recommend investing in insulated vinyl siding. The boards feature foam insulation that can keep heat where it should and increase energy efficiency by up to 20%.

Peak Roofing Contractors isn’t just your top handyman in Manassas, VA; we’re the area’s most trusted siding experts, as well. We know everything there is to know about Virginia weather, which means we can help you pick out the right siding for your home.

Watch out for Part II of this blog series for more weather-appropriate siding recommendations! Better yet, give us a call at (703) 745-5153 so we can talk about your home a bit more.

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