There’s no arguing that the population of Prince William, Loudon, and Fauquier Counties has exploded. In fact, in 1994 the combined population was just over 300,000 residents. By 2004, it had more than doubled to about 625,000 people. Now there are nearly one million people in our three counties. If you live in one of the many homes built more than ten years ago, you may be looking at a roof replacement in the near future. Look around your neighborhood, have some of your neighbors replaced their roof? The average lifespan of a 3-tab roof is between 12 and 18 years. How long your roof will last depends on four things – the materials used, the installation, the annual maintenance, and the weather. You can’t control mother nature but you can make a difference by choosing quality materials installed by a professional roofer, and perform regular maintenance.

Roofing Materials

The most common roofing material ten to twenty years ago in our area was 3-tab asphalt shingles. When your builder or roofing contractor installed the roof, they likely used felt paper beneath the shingles and the cheapest shingles available. If you have a roof replaced by a Master Elite or Shingle Master roofer, you can expect your new roof to last on average twice as long as your old one. New materials and architectural shingles installed with synthetic roof paper stands up to the elements longer and better than older 3-tab shingles.


Proper installation makes a huge difference in how long a roof lasts. A good roofer uses the latest and best installation techniques recommended by the shingle manufacturer. This is one reason it’s beneficial to choose a top roofing contractor like a GAF Master Elite or Shingle Master roofer. The manufacturers give you the assurance that these roofers know what they are doing and back them with the industry’s top warranties. Installation isn’t limited just to the roofing material. Make sure your roofer uses quality underlayment, good nails and flashing, and verifies your ventilation is sufficient.


Just like your car, your roof needs maintenance. You can take care of some of the maintenance yourself. Make sure to keep your gutters clean so water can run off your roof as it should. Clean gutters also reduce how quickly ice dams grow and their size. Cleaning your roof so debris doesn’t accumulate will help your shingles last longer. Also, be sure to have your trusted roofer inspect your roof annually, recommend roof repairs and have those repairs performed in a timely manner. All of this will extend the life of your roof.

If you need a roof replacement, annual inspection, or roof repair, Peak Roofing Contractors serves Northern Virginia. We can also provide you with an assessment of the remaining life of your roof so you can best plan for a roof replacement. Call today to schedule your no obligation roofing inspection at (703) 468-4769.

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