If your roof is more than a decade old and needs constant maintenance and repair, then it may be time for a replacement. A new roof will improve your home’s appearance, better protect your home from the weather, and can help save you money. Peak Roofing Contractors installs a variety of roofing types, each offering different advantages. Here are the features you should look for when choosing a roof:

Neat and Colorful Home with Gorgeous Outdoor Landscape

As the Northern Virginia roofing expert, we understand the importance of a durable and long-lasting roof. Your roof’s primary purpose is to protect your interior from punishing conditions. Your high quality roof should stand up to anything the weather can throw at it. We can install tough and impact-resistant asphalt shingles for your home. For greater durability, we can also install a metal roof to protect your home from extreme weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency
The sun shines on your roof every day and this can cause your attic to heat up. A non energy-efficient roof will lead to a hot attic and increased energy bills. This is because your utilities consume more energy due to the hot attic. As your Virginia roofing specialist, we can install more energy-efficient roofs. Tile roofs have natural airflow underneath them that creates a thermal barrier. This keeps your attic cool. In addition, we can install an energy-efficient asphalt roof that can reflect heat away from your home.

Visual Appeal
Your choice in roofing in Northern Virginia has a significant impact on your home’s visual appeal. Different roofs look great with different homes. For instance, tile roofs look great on Spanish Mission style homes, while metal roofs work well with more modern homes. We can install asphalt shingles, metal roofs, tile roofs, and slate roofs. All of these options have different colors and designs. No matter what your home’s architectural style, we have the roofing option for it.

If you need more information on how our roof options excel in durability, energy efficiency, and beauty, then give us a call. Peak Roofing Contractors has many years of experience and we’ve helped countless homes install different roofing options. We know how to evaluate your home’s current situation and recommend the best roofing option for your needs. Contact us to learn more about the features of our high quality roofs, or to get a free estimate.

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