If you are a homeowner who lives in Northern Virginia, then you are familiar with the erratic weather systems that the area experiences. And you may be even more familiar with the effects it has on your home’s energy efficiency. With the extreme differences in temperature during warm and cold seasons, your heating and cooling systems don’t get a break and this can lead to tremendous loss in energy efficiency.

So we listed the top 5 most effective ways to help your home become more energy efficient:

1. Opt for energy efficient appliances. When you go shopping for new appliances, look for the Energy Star seal of approval from the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that the unit uses between 10%-15% less energy than the ones without the label.

2. Reduce phantom loads. ‘Phantom Loads’ are those electrical appliances that even if turned off, are still consuming energy and electricity. Unplugging these things when not in use are tremendous help in reducing energy consumption. Hint: Keep the refrigerator plugged in!

3. Seal air leaks. One factor that makes your heating or cooling systems work overtime is because air is not contained inside the house and the warm or cold air from outside gets in, which renders the AC or heater useless. Identify and seal these air leaks.

4. Change your bulbs. Consider transitioning to LED light bulbs instead of Incandescent or CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs.  Though LED bulbs are currently a bit higher priced, the energy savings you will achieve will more than offset their expense, and due to increased demand & manufacturing their prices are going down on a regular basis, plus LED bulbs are designed to last much longer than other bulb types.

5. Insulation. Parts of your home are also big contributing factors to its energy efficiency. Consider replacing your windows for example. There are roofing contractors in Northern Virginia that also offer window and glass types that are fitted with energy efficient features.

We at Peak Roofing Contractors in Manassas VA offer energy efficient window solutions. We make sure that our replacement window installations do not only improve your home’s aesthetic but also help you conserve energy. For example, with the double insulated glass and warm edge spacers, your home is better insulated and you won’t need to overwork your heating or cooling systems to keep you comfortable. Call us now and we will assess the energy-efficiency requirements of your home.

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