Improving the exterior of your home will give you the best value for your money and can definitely improve your home’s curb appeal. If you are planning to do some home improvement projects to beautify your home, why not check out these three exterior remodeling hot spots?

  1. Rework your roof. If your roof is due for repair or replacement anyway, why not update its look? You can do a major overhaul like replacing your roof with cedar or redwood shakes, or opt for more energy-efficient shingles. Perhaps you want to install a gutter protection system. For guidance and inspiration, get in touch with a team of expert roofing contractors in Northern Virginia.
  2. Upgrade your doors. According to this year’s “Cost vs. Value Report” by Remodeling Magazine, replacing your front door offers a whopping 97% return on investment (ROI). Choose an option that expresses your personality and creates a good first impression for visitors. While you’re at it, why not install a new storm door or upgrade to sliding or hinged doors for your patio?
  3. Change up your windows. Add bay or bow windows to maximize an outdoor view and create a focal point for a home, or casement windows to increase lighting and ventilation. The “Cost vs. Value Report” lists a 79% ROI for window replacement. Ask your window and roofing contractors in Manassas, VA, which styles best suit your home.

These are only three of the many exterior remodeling trends today. Whether you are planning to sell your house in the near future or just want to personalize it to your preferences, Peak Roofing Contractors offers expert service for every part of your home’s exterior. Call us today at (703) 745-5153 and share your vision with us!

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