Before moving into our townhouse, the seller had a radon remediation system installed. The installer did not check the installation from the roof side. The installation caused vent unit, seal, and flashing damage. Water ponded up in the vent unit during a hard rain and poured through into the attic. At 3 AM, during a hard rain on 9/28, water came through a heating register and down the corner on an outside wall in the MBR. We awoke to the sound of running water, saw the water coming through the ceiling heat register, and running down the wall. We put buckets and towels in place to catch the water and prevent damage. The next morning, we started our search to get the problem identified and fixed. I called a roof repair company listed on our homeowner referral site. The company was recommended by another homeowner. I called at 0730 and left a message. The company’s voice message said they opened at 0800. I called back and left another message. I did not get a call back by 0900, or at anytime since. I went to Angie’s List. I called one Angie’s List company and was told they could come out the 29th of October. I explained the seriousness of the leak and requested help sooner. No luck. I call another Angie’ s List company — Peak. What a difference. I talked with one of their customer service reps. She discussed my problem, listened to my request to get help as soon as possible, and recorded my contact information. She promised to get back to me as soon as she could get to one of their repair mechanics. About 2-3 hours later, I received a call back. I was told “Donny” would be out Saturday morning at 10 AM. 10 AM Saturday morning, the door bell rang. Donny Miller introduced himself, listened to my problem. After checking the area of the leak in the MBR, I took Donny to a 3rd floor balcony where he could access the roof. Donny started his review of the roof. Donny found the area that was the cause of the leak. Donny returned to his truck, collected the materials for the repair, returned to the roof, and repaired the damaged areas. It has rained since the repairs. NO MORE LEAK. Donny is a professional at his job. He came here Saturday morning from Front Royal. I am putting a recommendation on our HOA website for Peak too. If we have roof problems in the future, or when we need a roof replacement, I will count on Peak to get it done. Donny, thank you. Peak owners, thank you for responding and for the quality of the people that deliver your service.

Tony, Reston
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