Whether you’re buying yourself a new home or thinking of building your own from the ground up, one of the more important things you need to consider is your choice of exterior siding. There are many materials used as exterior siding, and one of the more popular choices among homeowners is vinyl.

What is Vinyl Siding, Anyway?

Vinyl siding is an engineered product made from polyvinyl chloride, otherwise known as PVC. In other words, it is mainly plastic, and serves as an alternative to wood, aluminum, and other siding options.

Prior to the invention of PVC and its use as a siding material, painting was the generally accepted method of finishing the exterior walls of a home. However, painted finishes required constant maintenance and did not last very long. As a result, homeowners began to turn to aluminum siding as a popular alternative for many homes. But since aluminum also gets damaged quite easily, it was vinyl siding that eventually became the siding material of choice. First manufactured and introduced to the market in the late 1950s, vinyl penetrated the market more fully in the early 1960s, and steadily gained traction in the 1980s. The 1990s saw vinyl siding gaining ground even further, what with the introduction of nifty new features beyond merely being durable and cost-efficient. Today, various manufacturers sell vinyl siding with plenty of features that are attractive to consumers.

For the Love of Vinyl

To this day, vinyl siding continues to be one of the most viable exterior finish options for many homes. It not only ranks high on the protection scale, it also requires minimal upkeep. It’s not uncommon to hear, “Choose vinyl and you’ll never have to paint your house again.” And it’s true: vinyl gives people the benefit of great aesthetic value without the need for constant upkeep that a painted finish requires.

However, while vinyl’s popularity has grown, so too has the mistaken notion that vinyl products are of low quality. This notion likely took hold because vinyl products are one of the most affordable options available to homeowners. But make no mistake: contrary to popular belief, many brands do offer superior quality vinyl siding at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Interested to learn more about vinyl? Read the next part of this three-part blog to delve deeper into advantages of getting vinyl siding, and why low-cost does not automatically mean low quality.

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