As one of mankind’s greatest discoveries, fire has paved the way for the foundation of civilization as we know it. But when out of control, its dangers can destroy and leave people with a sense of loss. Here is an example of the mayhem caused by a fire in this report from

A fast-moving condo fire in Fairfax County left one person dead and forced many others to find a new place to stay Tuesday night.

The fire broke out Tuesday afternoon on Catbird Circle, which is part of the Gunston Corner condominium complex in Lorton, and neighbors say the victim was an adult female who is engaged to another neighbor.

She was trapped inside, unable to escape the growing flames…

…Residents say that as tragic as the fire was, it could have been much worse. Fire Chief Richard Bowers told ABC7 firefighters rescued a number of people from the top two floors of the condos, which are four levels tall – including a basement.

Our sympathies go to that woman’s family and all those who’ve lost love ones to fire. It just goes to show that, whatever the cause may be, whether it is faulty wiring or a kitchen accident, we should always be aware of the dangers fire represents.

Though we’re well aware that we can’t totally fireproof our home, materials like slate shingles on a roof can help increase a home’s occupants’ chances of survival. Time counts when it comes to snuffing out a flame and such a material gives you more, (say, to contact firefighters) before things get out of hand. This is where roofing contractors in Northern Virginia like Peak Roofing Contractors Inc. can help you.

Slate is a extremely durable material that resists fire, insects and rot, but to get the full benefits of this type of roofing, skill and precision are necessary. Fortunately, our team is among the finest roofers in Northern VA.

(Article Excerpt from Four-alarm condo fire in Lorton kills one, injures four, displaces many,, May 27, 2014)

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