The Department of Energy is continuously setting standards for building a healthier home and environment. In 2008, they started the Builders Challenge program, which recognized leading contractors for achievements regarding energy efficiency. Today, the Zero Energy Home program represents a new level of home performance.

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What is a Zero Energy Ready Home?

A Zero Energy Ready Home meets all the requirements in terms of energy savings, comfort, health, and durability. A high-performance home has a renewable energy system that can offset most of its annual energy consumption.

Here are some requirements for Zero Energy Ready Homes:

● Complying with ENERGY STAR for homes, including thermal enclosure system
● Using energy-efficient windows and doors
● Improving indoor air quality
● Creating an efficient building envelope

How Do You Create Zero Energy Ready Homes?

Peak Roofing Contractors can help you start your way toward building a greener home. We are roofing contractors in Northern Virginia who specialize in different home improvement projects that improve energy efficiency, such as:

● Windows
We offer a wide selection of window styles made of double insulated low-E glass. A spacer bar separates the two panes, and we use argon or krypton gas to fill the space between the panes. These non-toxic gases slow the transfer of heat across the window. Low-E glass, on the other hand, reflects heat inward or outward. This also reduces furniture fading caused by ultraviolet rays. Together, these components can save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs.

Windows are also ideal solutions to improving ventilation. Open windows can control indoor temperatures and reduce contaminant levels.

● Insulated vinyl siding
This type of siding comes with rigid foam backing for improved efficiency. It creates a continuous insulation over wall studs, reducing thermal bridging. This way, energy will not escape through your walls.

These home improvement projects are great ways to create an energy-efficient home. Make sure you work with reliable roofing contractors in Manassas, VA to ensure quality products and services. Peak Roofing Contractors has been helping Northern Virginia homeowners build better homes since 2006. We guarantee more savings through our energy-efficient windows and siding. We also offer roofing, gutters, and remodeling services.

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