It may be difficult to determine if your roof needs to be replaced if you’re not your home’s original owner. Roofs that need to be replaced doesn’t always look like train wrecks, but if you see the following signs, you likely need a new roof and should start screening roofing companies soon.

 New Roof

  1. Your roof is almost 30 years old – A typical asphalt shingle roof lasts about 30 years, while other materials like metal and slate roofs last for about 50 years or so. This is why it’s a good idea to keep your roof’s paperwork indefinitely, as you can easily check what your roof’s exact age is. If your roof is well-maintained, you should have another 10 years at most to prepare for and finance a new roof.

  2. Curling shingles – You can inspect your roofing without having to climb it. Take a good pair of binoculars out on a clear day and inspect your shingles. The first thing you should look out for is curling shingles, which can either be cupped (i.e. the shingles curling from the edges) or clawed (the shingles curling from the middle like a bubble). It means the shingles only have a few years left before they have to be replaced.

  3. Granules in the gutters and runoff – A few granules in the gutters and runoff shouldn’t be a cause for alarm, as it’s normal for asphalt shingle roofs in their prime. But if you’re starting to see a lot of these granules in the runoff even under normal rainfall, the binding element from the shingles has already started to weaken, and that your shingles are halfway through their lifespan.

  4. Missing shingles – There’s no problem with having to replace a few missing shingles, and could even be covered by the warranty if it was a workmanship issue, but if you find yourself having to call for repairs often and your roof is starting to look like a checkerboard, the roof may already have reached the end of its service life.

  5. Water stains on the ceiling – Stains indicate severe roof leaks. The problem with leaks is that they rarely flow straight down, so you will need professional help to address leaks. Timely repairs can be a sufficient solution for isolated leaks, but if you notice stains on almost every part of the ceiling, you will need a new roof before the next winter comes.

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